July 6, 2009

Course II - Flowers and Borders

So I started Course II this weekend, Flowers and Borders. We pick up where we left off at the end of Course I, and we get to learn a ton of new flowers, some new borders, and we get to work with Royal Icing and Color Flow/Flow In.
Our class this time around is only 5 people, and our instructor Breanne is working on her last month of classes before leaving to give birth to her first child.
I am really excited to be taking this course. There is a lot more intricate work involved in this course, and only one cake to do in the final. And I get to learn about Royal Icing, which is surprisingly something I am looking forward to. After having to make another batch of Class Buttercream for practice work, I am going to be so happy when I don't have to make this crap anymore. I find it very hard to make nice looking flowers and borders when it cracks, doesn't come out right and has a poor consistency. But for practice, I guess you aren't looking for anything fantastic.
I did however learn that in a pinch, the Wilton boxed/canned icings, are actually really nice for making decorations. Too bad it has an absolute ton of trans fat in it!

So this Course is a bit more laid back. My homework for this week is to trace the two birds out from the back of the book, or find another bird/animal to use for my color flow work, and for the final cake. On top of that I have to make a batch of Royal Icing and get my Flower Templates cut out and ready to work with. For the next two classes, we will learn how to work with Royal Icing, and how to make what looks to be about 20-some different types of flowers. Then our final class, we learn the Basketweave and put together our final work.
Breanne did tell us that we need to take our final cake somewhere where people will appreciate the work involved for it. So Im taking bids on who would like to have my final cake for their office/family party:)

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