July 19, 2009

Class 3 - Pansies, Daffodils and Daisies

Class 3 was a nice relaxing class. We learned the last few flowers needed to complete our basket cake. I was looking forward to this class, because I got to learn my favorite flower, the Daisy.
I wish there was something interesting to really discuss this week, but there isn't. I didn't even have to make new icing as everything was pretty much leftover from last week's class. Not surprising is the flowers look harder than they actually are. Honestly, it does amaze me how simple this decorating stuff is so far. Not to say I'm an expert and laughing in the face of those who have spent years learning - far from it! I am just so thrilled that I have found something that I am somewhat good at. I actually look forward to coming home and practicing what I have learned. I can't say I ever did that in school!

Anyways, Here is a shot of the flowers I made for this weeks class:
Unfortunately the purple doesn't look really purple in the picture.
So from the top going clockwise, you see three daisies, a daffodil, two primroses, a pansy and two roses. Needless to say, my roses still need a LOT of work. But they are getting a bit better than my first ones from last month. I figure maybe fondant roses might be my best bet at making decent flowers!
I was actually quite happy with how most of my flowers turned out. They were fairly simple to do and as you can see, can easily be made in any color choices you wish. I know the Daisy will get a lot of use in my cakes!

Next week is our final class for course 2. We have to make a "basket" cake, ice it and have our flowers ready for class. We then learn the basket weave technique and how to put the flowers on the cake. And viola! Final cake. I'm looking forward to seeing what my final cake will look like!
And to complete my day, I have registered for course 3 - tiered cakes and fondant. There is only a few weeks left for that to start and so far I am the only one listed, so let's hope some people join me, otherwise I will have no class to go to!

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