January 20, 2012

Hot Pink and Lime - perfect combination!

My friends little girl is turning one in a few weeks and of course she asked me to make her cake smash. I love these cakes. Knowing for some kids, My cake is their first taste of sweets and sugar, it feels somewhat humbling at times. I have been experimenting with some different ideas for smashes, and my friend and I talked about a recent cake find we came across on pintrest. Both of us loved the cake and thought it would be great to try for her daughters birthday. The good thing too was it was easily changed from a fondant cake, to a buttercream. (Fondant being a bit hard for kids to smash through for these)

My friend also had a request for the inside of the cake to be pink and lime green instead of our usual rainbow colors. Easy enough:)

This was the final result..

Once I get a pic of what it looks like inside, Ill share:)