April 22, 2012

Tits your Birthday!!!

I got an email from a previous client. I had made her son's First Birthday Cake back in November, and this time she wanted me to make a birthday cake for her husband.
She had one very specific request for it, but otherwise let me do what I wanted for it. It was my first naked cake, but I was pretty pleased with how it turned out overall.

And yes, the Left boob is supposed to be smaller than the right:)

The cake was a chocolate cake, the buttercream was peanut butter flavored. My carving still needs a bit of work, as the body sides of the cake weren't great, but overall I was happy with the results. I learned a few things for the next time on how to make it better, and that is the most important thing.

Happy Birthday Elliette!

A friend of mine's daughter was celebrating her birthday this weekend. Since she had just welcomed her second baby girl in February, she was still in the new mother haze and time got the best of her. At the very last minute she still was not able to get a cake done for her girl (shes a decorator herself)..
A facebook message stating she was going to Co-op to get a birthday cake, was not going to fly with me.. Mainly because a last minute cake alone was going to cost her an arm and a leg there, let alone they aren't the greatest cakes..
Anyways, I messaged her, said I would be glad to help her out, and she agreed.

The Birthday girl wanted a Cars party, so the cake needed to fit into the party scheme. Since my own big girl is also a general fan of the movies, she was happy to watch this cake take shape herself..

Since I had only about 48 hours to complete the cake, I decided to do a frozen buttercream transfer. This is a nice techinique and works really well to get a good image on a cake. Plus, I like doing these ones..

Plus, we needed some cupcakes to go along with them

Silly thing is the little Mater and Lightning McQueen Candies from Wilton only come in packs of 9.... Who the hell only makes 9 cupcakes???? So stupid!!

Anyways, Ellie had a wonderful birthday and the cake and cupcakes were a hit for all