March 14, 2010

I love Baby Showers

One of my Dearest friends is set to have a baby girl in a few weeks. So this weekend is her baby shower! Her sister is throwing the party, but asked me to make her cake, which I happily obliged.
I had spent a few weeks trying to decide what to do as my friend is not keen on the typical pastel-y froo-froo shower cakes. So I wanted something Spring-like, but still could be a baby shower theme. Since my friend's nursery is complete I took elements of the room to make her cake up.

The nursery is done in yellow, with Pink and Purple accents of Butterflies and Dragonflies. So taking those colors and ideas, this was her cake:

And the other side:

Originally I wanted to make the cake in a fondant, so it would be "cleaner" looking and elegant, but my Friend is not keen on the taste of fondant. So I found a Marshmallow fondant recipe to try. I had talked to a bunch of people who enjoyed the taste of a MMF, so I figured it should do the trick.

Obviously I am not the baker I thought I was! The recipe itself was easy enough to make, but for some reason every time I went to roll it out, the fondant just crumbled into pieces, rather than pull nicely. Sigh. So there went my attempt at fondant and my original plans for the shower cake.

In the end, I was pleased with how it turned out. At least everything is edible (fondant butterflies and dragonflies). All of the flowers are piped, grass piped along the edges and and sky was created by using a Color Mist. Neat idea. Kind of like airbrushing for the inept!

Anyways, I certainly hope my Friend likes her cake... And the party!