September 25, 2009

Ohhh Baby, Baby!

I did my first baby shower cake this week, and I was absolutely thrilled with how well it turned out! I had about three weeks to think about how I wanted to do this cake. It was for a set of twins, a boy and a girl. I really wanted to do something cute but still simple enough for me to handle. Also, I wanted to make it in mainly buttercream. I am still trying to get used to fondant cakes.

Anyways, I browsed a cake decorating forum for a bunch of ideas on what to do, and found a few really cute, simple ideas. In the end, the parents were over the moon about this cake!

It took me about two hours to create the baby blocks, which are made from Rice Krispie squares, covered in fondant. The cake itself was simple enough to make, iced in buttercream. The border and names were all fondant. Overall, this cake took me probably 5 hours from start to finish.

Welcome to the world babies Victoria and Lochlan!!

September 20, 2009

Cake Filled Weekend!

For being bored last week and deciding to just make a cake for "the hell of it" I was surely eating my words this weekend when I had to complete three cakes with a fourth a few days from now. Funny thing was all three cakes this weekend were for birthdays!

Two cakes were for clients, the first being a birthday cake for a ten year old. When I asked what kind of cake he would like, the response was "Carrot Cake"

Carrot Cake...
I was a little surprised that a ten year old's favorite cake was carrot! Im sure at that age mine was anything chocolately and gooey!
But I made a carrot cake for him... complete with cream cheese icing.
However things didn't quite go according to plan,
My first cake turned out great... except I left it in the oven accidentally for an additional 15 minutes. So while the cake itself was still fine, the top had crusted and overbaked a little too much for me to give to anyone but my family.
So the next day I attempted a second cake.
Sigh... someone decided to give me a run for my money....
The second cake, for reasons unknown, the center of the cake completely collapsed in itself. I took it out of the oven and watched as it deflated like a balloon. After doing some research on what might have happened, I figured the only thing that made sense was I tested it a bit too early and the center wasn't done.

So Third time's the charm right?
Once I finally had the cake made and everything came out right.. it was time for the icing and the decorating.
The Birthday Boys cake was to be a "SmackDown/Raw" WWE wrestling logo cake. Whether it was something he wanted or something to surprise him with, I'm not sure... but I was very pleased with how well it turned out. If it was a surprise for him, I would have liked to have seen his face when he saw it!

Happy Birthday Dixon!

I got an email from my photographer friend who needed a cake smash cake for a One year olds photoshoot she was doing on the weekend. I had only a day to think on this one and how I would decorate it, but I'm sure the parents will love the cake and how well it will work in the smash photos. I do hope I get to see what they look like!

Happy Birthday Sebastian!

And finally... my BFF turned the big 31 this weekend and of course we had to celebrate. So I whipped up a cake for the occasion and it was widely loved by our dinner guests. The birthday girl was happy with the cake, even though she wasn't happy about being 31!

Happy Birthday Amber!!

And with that... my weekend was done. My kitchen smells of sugar and I think I've gotten high off of the fumes!!

But I had a lot of fun doing them all. Happy Birthday All!!

September 16, 2009

Boredom sets in... must.. bake.. cakes!

This is what happens when you have a month of time to kill and no classes to attend.
I have had the urge to bake for the past few weeks, but have had very little time, or people to bake for. So for the heck of it, I decided to make a cake and try to work with fondant a bit more.

I can tell I still need some work when it comes to fondant, but I am learning.

I wasn't overly impressed with how the flowers turned out. It seems the buttercream didn't really want to stick to the fondant very well. My poor paintbrush kept getting globs of icing in it! I think I will have to work on this a bit more to figure out the best way to make these look better.

Now to figure out who gets this cake!