August 31, 2009

First Client - Very Excited

I got my first client this week!
The client wanted 18 cupcakes for a work function and I happily obliged. I had a lot of fun going through my recipes to find a nice cupcake to make and a tasty frosting. Sometimes I think it would be better if I only have one recipe book, rather than 25, much easier to pick one than pick from hundreds!
I settled on a Devil's Food Cupcake with a Chocolate Ganache glaze and a Chocolate Buttercream icing. Topped with a Royal Icing Flower.

The client seemed very happy with his purchase and the staff seemed to love their afternoon treat!
I was very happy with how they turned out. Hopefully there will be order to come soon!

Cupcakes for the client

Leftover batter made about a dozen mini cupcakes. My husband got to enjoy those!

August 30, 2009

Course III - Wedding Cake Final

Well I have survived Course III and completed the final cake, a two tiered wedding cake. I must admit, I was pretty impressed with how my cake turned out! I think I might actually like doing this!

It all started with a few weeks of learning fondant roses and making approximately 40 roses to decorate my cake with.

I also learned "cupped" flowers, made of royal icing. These are flowers that are deeper than the flowers we learned in Course II. I waited until the last minute to decide whether to make the roses for my cake or the make the royal icing flowers. The icing ones would have been a lot easier to make, but I decided to challenge myself and go with the roses.
In any case, these are some of my cupped flowers.

Here we have some Easter Lilies, Morning Glorys, Petunias and Poinsettas.
I really liked the Poinsetta's and Im looking forward to Christmas so I can put those flower to good use!

Anyways, my class finale. I'm sure all you care about is the wedding cake right??
Well here she is!

I am so very happy with how this turned out. I honestly thought these cakes were a lot harder than it actually was. Now I just need a wedding or two to create this again!

Unfortunately Course IV is not offered in my area this month, so I won't have much to talk about for the next month. I am hoping to have some cakes done for fun to display, so I hope you will continue to check back!

August 21, 2009

Course III - Fondant and Tiered Cakes

Wow, I definitely haven't had time to update since I began Course III! Thankfully the first week was nothing exciting to talk about.

Class II began our first cakes with fondant. I had never worked with the stuff before, nor had I ever eaten it, so I was keen to find out what was so "bad" about it. To be honest, the fondant I had wasn't bad at all. My husband said it kind of tasted like those little mini marshmallows you get in kids cereals. I guess that is about as close of a comparison as I had as well. I had heard of some horror stories about some other fondant brands which are pretty bad to eat, but so far the stuff I am using is ok. I don't think I would want to eat a whole slice of it... but really, most people who have a fondant cake, don't eat it anyways!! Its purely decoration, and to be honest, makes cake decorating a lot easier!

Think of it as playdoh. You can sculpt and mold almost anything you want for a cake! It hardens in a day or two, keeps it's shape, and looks good! And if your little toddler, or big kid decides they want to eat it.. they can!!

Anyways, our first cake was a simple present cake. Working with fondant was pretty simple. I didn't mind it at all, and I am already looking forward to my final cake which is two fondant covered cakes.
Rolling it out is probably the hardest part, learning the right thickness needed to cover the cake, and not rip into pieces. and because this is a class about learning things, they of course want us to cover one of the hardest shapes... the square.

It wasn't bad. But I can see where it takes some practice.

Anyways.. my first fondant cake:

I'm not sure if I like my color choices. I wanted something a little different than the standard white that was in the book. I wasn't completely happy with it, but I did enjoy doing this. I am looking forward to working with fondant again... even if my customers rip it off to eat the cake!

August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!!

My baby girl turned One this past week, so of course I had to make cake for her.
I was quite pleased with how my cakes and cupcakes turned out. It was a labour of love, and I certainly loved every minute of it.

Just a simple cake design, but I loved the pink gel for the Number 1. It had such a sparkle to it. It actually made me giddy when I found it.
Sad, I know!

This was the little smash cake I made for my daughter. I put her on the floor on top of a sheet and let her go nuts with it. It was a big mess for such a small amount of cake being eaten.
But it was so much fun:)

I can't wait for her second birthday!