July 26, 2009

Course II - Grande Finale Cake

So three weeks of hard work in class led up to today's Grande Finale Cake, the Basketweave. But first, we go back.
We spent two weeks learning the different types of flowers, gave them time to dry and then get ready to place them on our final cake. I had very little to do outside of class time to prepare for things each week, so it seemed very anti-climatic when we got to class today to finally put things together. Let me tell you, I lot of work went into these flowers, and the hour plus it took me to ice the basketweave. This cake should win me a big fat prize.

Anyways.. the final result:

I don't know if I will ever have a use for the basketweave technique again, but I was really pleased with how cute this cake looked.

So Course II is now complete. I am ready to continue on to Course III which begins next week. Fondant is something I have never eaten, let alone touch, so it should be interesting to see what I can do with this class. I am really excited about moving on and enhancing my skills. Currently I have a few cakes to make this week for my daughter's birthday. That should give me good practice!

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