July 20, 2009

My First Cake Smash Cake!

I was complaining on Facebook last week that I needed an event or something to make a cake for so I could practice some techniques and, well.. I wanted to make and decorate a cake! A friend of mine was doing a photoshoot for a One Year Old's Cake Smash Shoot and wanted to know if I felt like making a cake for it. I jumped on the chance to do it!
(For those of you who don't know, a Cake Smash is a photoshoot usually done for a One Year Old's Birthday as a way to commemorate their first "real" cake. You give the child a cake and let them have at 'er! I liked the term and hence named my blog that.)

Anyways, I had a great idea for the cake and couldn't wait to get started. Unfortunately it doesn't take long to do, so I still had to wait until this weekend to actually do the cake. I had so much fun doing this cake! I dropped it off this afternoon at the photoshoot to see how well received it would be. While the child couldn't care less what it looked like, his mother was beaming at how great the cake was. I can't wait to see how the photoshoot turned out!

The cake was a chocolate cake with a chocolate pudding filling. The icing is a vanilla buttercream. The letters were done with the color flow/fill in method.
Here's another pic of the letters:

I was so pleased how well the cake turned out. It really makes me want to do this for a side business!

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