June 3, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake.. Cake #2

My Client, the same one who ordered the Pirate cake and cupcakes, asked for a Strawberry Shortcake Cake for her daughter's third birthday. I had made her second birthday cake, so I was thrilled to be asked to once again create a cake for her.
We had gone back and forth via messaging to decide on the final design, and flavor options. I actually ended up having a Pin in my cake decorating board in Pintrest that was perfect for the occasion.

I was pretty excited for this one because it was an inspiration cake I had marked for possibly making for my own daughter's birthday. Only she was into Strawberry Shortcake for all of two weeks. (She has since requested a Wall-E birthday cake) So this was a cake I really wanted to try out.

I had to start by making up some decorations for the cake, including some very cute strawberries:

The next step was to create A Strawberry House for the top tier. I'm still fairly new to shaped cakes, so I needed to minimize the shaping for this one as much as possible. I ended up having a perfect metal bowl in my kitchen that had a nice roundness to it, that worked out to be a great top to the house. The rest of the cake I made with a 6 inch round and carved to fit. Then a covering of red fondant to get it started.

I have gotten a lot better on covering my cakes in fondant. But this one I wasn't completely thrilled with. Thankfully the errors could be covered up with a border, and hidden in the back.

The bottom tier was a basic white fondant covering with red and green stripes. I was amazed by how many cakes I looked at online, that all had this red and green theme. But it does look very cute when done right. (A lot of "Wrecks" out there:))

I was doing a pink overlay on top so I wasn't too concerned with the top of the stripes. I did end up having to trim them down a bit because the edges were so sharp they were ripping my pink overlay! I would have also liked to have taken more time to ensure all of my stripes were even and straight. from certain angles it looked like the bottom tier was leaning over!

Finally the assembly was complete and I could end my first long day out of my "Weekend of Cakes"

I was pretty proud with how this one turned out. There were a few things I would have liked to have changed, but my time constraints wouldn't allow me to be 100% what I wanted. This is something I need to work on, figuring out my time better, and somehow being able to get my husband to take my kids away for a few hours so I can work in peace!!

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