June 4, 2012

Princess Party Galore! Cakes #3 and #4

My final cakes of the weekend were for Sisters born two years, 13 days apart so the parent decided to have a joint birthday to make life easy. Sine their eldest is heavily into Princesses, that was the theme of the party.

I had also made the daughters birthday cupcakes last year so it was nice to be considered again for her 3rd birthday.

The client had requested Princess themed, but other than that had no restrictions on what I could create. Since I knew there would be at least 40 people attending the party, I wanted to make sure there would be enough cake for everyone. And since there were two cakes, I definitely needed two different flavors

I was lucky I got to try out my new Imprint mats on these cakes. I highly recommend them too:)

There are a few things I would have done differently, with the biggest one being that I would have made the Sash a little bit smaller. It kind of took over the cake more than I wanted it to. I also need to work on writing. My printing is really not pretty!!

Overall I was happy with the look of the cakes. I love the imprint mat for the diamond texture. I can definitely see using that one again.

I do have another princess cake due in a few weeks, so hopefully I can find something a little different to do for that one.

Happy Birthday Girls!!

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