September 20, 2012

Are you ready for some Football????

My brother's neighbour was celebrating another birthday. I had done Carlos' birthday cake last year which was a Surprise cake.
This year, my brother wanted to surprise him with another cake. The four of them were going to San Francisco in October and would be attending a 49'rs football game. I guess they are all big fans.

So my brother asked for a appropriate cake. Originally I was going to make another football cake, but decided to try out a helmet. I kind of wish I had documented more on how I did the construction for this, but I forgot!

The cake started out with a ball shaped pan, and a few 8 inch rounds. Once stacked together, I carved the helmet shape out as best as I could. It was then I realized I needed another layer of cake to get the right height.
A last minute layer was added to the bottom and reshaped.
I decided a simple star tip would be the best way to pipe this cake, and completed it with a frozen buttercream transfer of the 49ers logo.

I also created a fondant face guard to complete the look. Overall I was pretty pleased with the cake. Not bad for a first time helmet! I definitely learned something new and would do things a bit differently a second time.

Close up of the transfer

I have been told the birthday boy tweeted the picture to the 49ers.. but never got a response back.. But he was thrilled with it, of course:)

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