September 14, 2012

A very special Wedding cake

 One of our oldest and dearest friends were finally getting married! They have been together for almost 13 years, and FINALLY a wedding was happening. Both my husband and I were thrilled to be standing up for them and sharing in their special day.
On top of that my girlfriend had asked if I would make their wedding cake.

And of course, I wanted to do it. Thankfully they only wanted it for pictures, and not for serving, so it was easy to create something that didn't mean I would be slaving over a hot oven the day before the wedding.

The cake started about two week before the wedding. She wanted red roses all over the bases of each cake. And these require a lot of time, and a lot of days in order to dry. So to start them off I had to create all of the rose bases..

This was only about a third of the bases drying on the flower rack.

Once the bases were all dry - about two days later, then I started assembling the roses. 

Because I needing about 45 roses, this took about 5 days to complete them all, with about 2-3 hours a night doing them. Lots of tea, and television time!

Finally once the roses were complete, I could start to assemble the cakes. The bottom tier was a dummy cake, and the top tier was the actual cake. Simplicity was the theme, so the cakes were covered in plain white fondant and a black ribbon. 
 Then the flowers were inserted around each base.

Looks pretty classic, right?
But it wasn't complete. The bride wanted Hearts piped onto the fondant in a "elegant, classy way"
Good thing she had an inspiration pic that I could work from!!
Now piping is still something I am working on. I haven't had the opportunity to pipe a lot of cakes, so I was looking forward to piping this and seeing what I could do.

The final result.
The cake toppers were made by our close friend Melanie, who was also the Wedding planner She is the creative one when it comes to clay work.

The cake photographed by the wedding photographer. Somehow they can make things look a lot better looking than my point and click camera can!!

The cake made it to the wedding in one piece. And the bride had surprised her guests by cutting into a Rainbow colored cake. Something which got lots of oohs and ahhs as people watched.

It was wonderful to be part of their special day in more ways than one and I was glad that I could give them a beautiful wedding cake.

The cake itself was refurbished the following weekend for  a Bridal fair which was held in our city. I had replaced the cake on top with a foam dummy and recovered and repiped the cake. It held up beautifully for the show, and once it was complete, the cake was then sold to my Michaels Store for display. Currently it sits in my classroom, waiting to be placed behind glass for future students to view.

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