November 3, 2009

HoHoHo.. is it already that time of year?

So it is now November, and of course, Christmas starts on November 1. The malls have changed over their decor.. they are now counting down until Santa shows up, and the commercials are all about the presents..


But who I am to talk? I decided to start trying to make some Holiday cupcakes.

I have been debating about whether to offer these up for sale this season. I have a few more ideas for some cupcakes to do, but so far the wreath is all I have had time to do.
So if you are in the Calgary area, and would be interested in some of these, click on the contact me button and send me an email:)

On a side note, I am currently awaiting word on whether my local Michaels is keen on hiring me to be a Wilton Instructor. I am still impatiently waiting by the phone for the call...

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