December 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Lucas!!

This past weekend was a friend's son's First Birthday. So we had a cake smash photoshoot for him and of course his birthday cake.
The cake smash went.. well smashingly:) Lucas devoured the cake, made a huge mess and Mom got some great pictures to treasure.

His birthday cake was another story.
Wait, I shouldn't say that..

His birthday cake was a huge hit, even though I thought I would never be able to pull it off.
His birthday was a "knights of the round table" theme and they wanted a castle shaped cake. Not too hard I didn't think, especially since Wilton has a Castle Kit which makes the turrets and towers easier to do. They just get covered in fondant, and then you make the cake up and cover that as well.
However, this kit doesn't make for easy covering of fondant, nor does it make it easy to place these on the cake to look like a castle.
After spending a few hours drilling holes in the towers for flags, covering them in fondant, stamping out individual bricks, letting it all dry, baking 6 layers of cake, covering them all in buttercream, stacking, covering the cake in fondant, stamping out individual bricks, and then trying to figure out how to assemble it all, the final result mae it all worthwhile.

I have jokingly said I will never make another castle cake again..
Ok.. not joking.
I never will!

Happy Birthday Lucas!! It was a great day!