August 30, 2009

Course III - Wedding Cake Final

Well I have survived Course III and completed the final cake, a two tiered wedding cake. I must admit, I was pretty impressed with how my cake turned out! I think I might actually like doing this!

It all started with a few weeks of learning fondant roses and making approximately 40 roses to decorate my cake with.

I also learned "cupped" flowers, made of royal icing. These are flowers that are deeper than the flowers we learned in Course II. I waited until the last minute to decide whether to make the roses for my cake or the make the royal icing flowers. The icing ones would have been a lot easier to make, but I decided to challenge myself and go with the roses.
In any case, these are some of my cupped flowers.

Here we have some Easter Lilies, Morning Glorys, Petunias and Poinsettas.
I really liked the Poinsetta's and Im looking forward to Christmas so I can put those flower to good use!

Anyways, my class finale. I'm sure all you care about is the wedding cake right??
Well here she is!

I am so very happy with how this turned out. I honestly thought these cakes were a lot harder than it actually was. Now I just need a wedding or two to create this again!

Unfortunately Course IV is not offered in my area this month, so I won't have much to talk about for the next month. I am hoping to have some cakes done for fun to display, so I hope you will continue to check back!

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