August 31, 2009

First Client - Very Excited

I got my first client this week!
The client wanted 18 cupcakes for a work function and I happily obliged. I had a lot of fun going through my recipes to find a nice cupcake to make and a tasty frosting. Sometimes I think it would be better if I only have one recipe book, rather than 25, much easier to pick one than pick from hundreds!
I settled on a Devil's Food Cupcake with a Chocolate Ganache glaze and a Chocolate Buttercream icing. Topped with a Royal Icing Flower.

The client seemed very happy with his purchase and the staff seemed to love their afternoon treat!
I was very happy with how they turned out. Hopefully there will be order to come soon!

Cupcakes for the client

Leftover batter made about a dozen mini cupcakes. My husband got to enjoy those!

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