March 27, 2013

Happy Easter!!

I recently was introduced to a wonderful website, called My Cake School and I have been enjoying the vast amount of knowledge that Melissa shares. The website offers both a blog which can be viewed by the entire public and she does a great job of making sure there is a blog post at least once or twice a month, depending on her time, but for a small yearly fee of $30 you can have access to her entire website, which hosts a wide array of video tutorials, recipes for cakes and buttercreams, and an online forum where you can chat with other decorators, and Melissa herself.  It has been a lot of fun going through her videos and finding new and creative techniques for decorating.

I recently found this cute Blog Tutorial on making an Easter Bunny cake and I fell in love with it.. So naturally I had to try:)

And here was my result

Isn't he cute???

Hoppy Easter!

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