May 1, 2012

A classy 50th Birthday

My Dad's new wife turned 50 this past weekend, and he asked me to make a cake for her.
Of course I was happy to oblige.
I had a cake idea I had wanted to do that I found on and I was waiting for the right opportunity to do it.. The tutorial can be found here

So I finally had a chance to do it.
First, I had to color up some fondant. I needed a few different shades of purple to get the right look to this..

Then the cake had to be covered in fondant. It had actually been a little while since I had done a fondant cake.

Then I could start to build the cake. By following the directions in the tutorial, the cake was simple enough to do, but definitely time consuming..

Showing the stacked petal layers...

And finally the completed cake

I took two separate pictures because my camera is just a plain old point and shoot, so the color on it sucks in general light. I took the second one near my open kitchen window, so at least you can see the colors better.

Overall this cake took me about three hours to cover with the petals. It was a fun cake to do and the Birthday girl loved it!

And just a simple quick buttercream cake for extra servings:)

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