February 9, 2013

Breakfast at Tiffany's for a Newly crowned Two year old

It is Claire's birthday. How are these kids getting to be so old already?
My girlfriend once again asked me to make her kid's birthday cake. This year they were having a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" themed party, and Mom asked me for  Tiffany Blue inspired cake, something elegant, frilly and wonderful.

So I obliged:)

It all started with a mass of colored gum paste.

I needed a few different shades of the same color in order to get the effect I wanted for this cake. It took a bit of time to color it all and still be "slightly" a lighter shade with each new batch.
Next came covering the cake with fondant

Ohhhh... Blue....:)

And then the long and tedious process of creating petals and adding them one by one to the cake.

All cut out individually, ruffled and

Attached on the cake. When I got to this point, I realized my colors weren't dark enough. So I had to peel off these two bottom layers I just spent an hour making and attaching, and recoloring the batches to get a deeper shade on the bottom. I was glad I did it.

Much better looking.. more contrast in the colors as the Ombre goes up.

Nearing the end!!

Final touches are added on and then...

The final result!

And of course, the inside:)

 Happy Birthday Claire!

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