July 10, 2012

A Toy Story Reboot

At the beginning of June I did a Pirate birthday cake for a playgroup whose kids all had birthdays within May/June. One of the mothers from that group contacted me a few days after, asking me if I could make her son's birthday cake. She loved my Pirate so much, that she trusted me to take on the actual birthday cake.

She got a look through my previous cake pictures and fell in love with my own daughter's Toy Story birthday cake from last year. While I loved making that cake, I was not looking forward to reproducing the same thing again.

So I offered up a different take on the same idea for that cake. The mother loved the idea and couldnt wait for the birthday party to arrive.

I started off by making the bed frames first, letting them dry and painting them on the last day. Of course, my luck I ended up snapping one of the posts off when I tried moving them off my counter. And of course, I had no backup piece. I decided to fix it and move on since there wasn't enough time to make another frame and have it dry in time. (if you look closely at the picture, you can see the "fix" in the post)

The cake itself was the floor. I covered a 9x13 cake with fondant, resembling hardwood, similar to the cake base I covered for my daughters. With the new ribbon and cutting tool from Wilton, this made things a lot easier to mark my floorboards properly and have things even. I dont use it often, but there are times I'm glad I don't have to use a ruler!

The bed was the size of 1/4 of the 9x13. I took half of the cake and split that into the two layers. This was then covered in fondant to look like the bedding. I could have made it look a little more ruffled and "loose" around the bottom, but I measured out a little too closely, and ended up trimming off a bit more than I had wanted.

I loved how this one turned out. I am still working on making beds look proper and will try a different way of doing the bedframe next time, but overall I liked this cake. I can totally see doing this idea for a myriad of ideas!

My pillows need work though:)

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