March 20, 2012

An Abby Cadabby Birthday

Recently an acquaintance of mine asked me if I could make an Abby Cadabby Cake topper for her daughters' second birthday. I have only ever made one figurine before and it was Elmo for another little girl. I'm not confident at all when it comes to figures, especially ones that are pretty well known, but I like to challenge myself, and thankfully the mother was not expecting a Cake Boss type topper.

After making discussions about the topper, things turned to cupcakes and cake pops as well. Before I knew it I had an order for a dozen cupcakes, dozen cake pops and the topper. I was looking forward to it!

I started with the topper because I was not sure how well this was going to go. Plus if I really didn't like it, I had plenty of time to start again! I was pleasantly surprised it only took me about 2.5-3 hours to make, and I was pleased with the first attempt, that no second one was needed.
My husband says she looks more like a Fraggle, but nonetheless everyone I asked knew it was Abby:)

Close up of Abby

Abby with her new wand

Side view to show the wings and dress

I wasn't totally pleased with her hair, but I had no access to a "Barber Shop" playdough set in order to make things easier, so each piece was rolled out by hand. I could have done a bit better of a job on them I think.
I loved how her dress came out though. And a touch of pearl dust to the wings and dress made her pop a little bit more.

The cupcakes were fun to do. My friend actually sent me a picture of what she would like to have. The blog is here. I originally thought, Nah.. I didn't want to attempt those, but the day I started making the cupcakes, I figured why not try.
Again I was pleased with how mine had turned out. Way cuter than I thought and took about 3 hours to complete them all. Definitely a labor of love in this "business":)

Close up of Abby

And finally, my friend was dying to have some cake pops as well. And I love making people happy:) I didn't want to do anything too fancy with these because of the cupcakes and the topper, so I kept them simple.

My friend was exceptionally pleased with how everything turned out. And I was too. I definitely had fun with this one!

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  1. That cake looks amazing! You did such a great job!