December 5, 2011

A special Super Birthday!

My daughter's little "boyfriend" is turning 3 on the 6th, and his birthday party was this weekend. I made his birthday cake for his first birthday, so it was nice to make his third one as well. (Unable to attend his second one)
The birthday boy was a bit obsessed with a PBS show called "SuperWhy." For those of you who don't have kids of preschool age, this is a relatively decent show about "Superheros" who solve problems by reading stories. Its actually one of my daughters' favorite show as well. Anyways, my friend wanted a SuperWhy themed cake and cupcakes for the party. It was a nice cake to work on, not only because I knew the birthday boy, but I get to see his reaction when he sees the cake. Always a nice thing to see:)

I decided to make a book out of cake. This was my first "real" attempt at carving (unless you count my pretty dismal beer bottle attempt a few months back) Overall I was happy with how the carving came out. It wasn't perfect, but I did at least like the cake mixture I used in order to get a sturdier cake to carve. (Plus freezing helps!)
Next was covering the cake in buttercream..

While that was crusting over, I wanted to get started on my frozen buttercream transfer. I have done a few of these before, and I enjoy the technique. On each one, I am still learning how to perfect it. This one actually took me two attempts because the first one did not come out very cleanly at all.

Halfway through!

The transfer needs to hang out in the freezer for a little while, so it was time to finish icing the cake and preparing it for the transfer..

And the final result..

Close up of the transfer

And of course, what little boy wouldn't love blue and green cupcakes to go with his cake:)

Happy Birthday Lucas!

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