December 2, 2011

Its a Minnie-rific Birthday!

I was asked to create a birthday cake for a little girl's second birthday. She wanted a Minnie Mouse Cake, complete with Minnie ears and bow on the top.
I must say, I was really excited about creating this cake. The fondant decorations on this one started about 5 days before the cake was due. They needed time to dry, and make sure they would work well enough to be adhered to the cake. First thing to do was create the Minnie Ears and the Minnie Silhouettes going on the bottom tier.

I wanted to make sure we had a few different sizes of ears to play with, and of course I made doubles of everything:)
Next was making the bow which goes on top of the cake, which I forgot to take a picture of.. but it was spectacular:) (And I made a second one as well:))

Minnie of course needed her pink bows in her hair. (Minnie is either in pink or red, depending on what you like. This birthday girl was all about pink!)

And then the white polka dots all needed to be cut out and ready to go. Finally everything got to sit and dry for a few days..

Finally I got to create the cake and start piecing it all together. :)
I was told the family loved the cake and could not wait to show the birthday girl her cake. I was pretty pleased with it all myself.

Close up of Minnie...
Happy Birthday Alexis!

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