December 22, 2011

Click, Click... Say Cheese!!!

My girlfriend asked me to make a cake for her Camera Club Christmas Potluck. She requested a Camera Shaped Cake and hoped I could deliver. Since these were all Camera people, it had to look pretty realistic. I did a search online for some ideas for a camera cake, since I knew my skills were not good enough for a really elaborate camera. It required a little bit of carving, which I seem to be getting a lot of practice in lately! I decided to make the camera look more like a "Point and Shoot" camera so it was a bit easier to do, rather than a very fancy SLR type one, which I'll be honest, I do not have the skills for.
I thought this cake would be a bit harder than it was, so I was a bit surprised when I finished it and it did not take me near the time I thought it would. My girlfriend said it was a big hit at the potluck, and no one wanted to carve into it since it "looked like a masterpiece". I was pretty thrilled to hear some of the comments about it afterwards. Those are the things that make me love what I do:)

Side View of the cake. You can see the height on the lens itself.

Other side view showing the handle. It doesnt seem to show well in the pictures, but the handle is carved slightly.

And with that, I think this is my last cake of the year. I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Hope to have tons more to share in the new year!!

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