November 15, 2011

Celebrating a Birthday with friends

This past weekend was a close friend's birthday. She recently moved to BC with her now fiance, and left us all behind. She was in town this weekend to visit family and celebrate her birthday with us. Of course, since we were having everyone over for dinner, I had to make a birthday cake...

I had recently tried my first attempt at making modelling chocolate, so I really wanted to use it for a cake. Since the modelling chocolate I used was Black, I needed something black to make...

Somehow I thought Penguins would be a cute idea.
Workin with the modelling chocolate was a lot of fun. It took a little bit of troubleshooting to figure out how to work with it best, but once I got going, I was really enjoying how easy it was to mold.
Now I am not an artist or a sculptor by any stretch of the word. I can barely draw a straight line, so making animals out of edible playdoh was something I was a little hesitant about. But I decided it was fun to play with, and I can only learn from it, no matter how ugly my penguins may be.

Since its coming up winter time, I thought my penguins needed to dress appropriately as well.

next, my Penguins needed an igloo to live in. Since I didn't actually make an Igloo cake, I wanted to create that same sort of look. I found this technique on Pintrest a while ago, and thought It would make a wonderful igloo look..

And then my penguins needed a pond of ice to play in... along with some snowballs to have a snowball fight..

And the final look of the whole cake..

I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Not bad for someone who doesn't sculpt or have any artistic talents. My GF loved it, and everyone thought it was a wonderful Birthday present:)

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