November 26, 2011

And it's One, Two, Three Strikes Your Out...

I had a wonderful surprise a week or so ago, when I posted my girlfriend's penguin birthday cake on an online forum I am a part of. I got a message from another user, who asked if I would be willing to make her son's birthday cake in a few weeks. I of course said I would love to! After we chatted via message for a bit, she said her best friend was in need of a cake for her son's birthday for the 26th. So I contacted her and we discussed what she wanted for her son. I was looking forward to it! It was wonderful to be recommended, even more wonderful was that I had not met either woman before!

So her Son is turning One today, and she wanted a small cake for him to "Smash" for pictures. It was to be a baseball shaped cake. Perfect! I started working on this cake on Thursday morning. I made a ball cake using the Wilton Ball Pan, which is a great multitasker of a pan:) My first cake decided to cause me much hassle and one of the halves did not release from the pan properly.

So attempt #2 was made. This time it came out of the pans properly, but I was really worried about the weight of the cake on itself. Once I stacked the two halves together, it was painfully obvious that my recipe was too moist of a cake, and I needed to make more of a pound cake to it to withstand the weight.

So on Friday morning, attempt #3 was in the oven.
I must say, it was such a difference in cakes, and I could tell before I even started trimming the excess off, that this cake was a lot denser and should hold up nicely.
Then the fun part began. I got to ice it and decorate it up to look like a baseball. It went surprisingly fast, and before I knew it, the cake was done and waiting to go in the fridge.

So while I know the Birthday Boy won't know the difference between a baseball or a hockey puck, I am sure his parents will love it!

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