October 9, 2011

More Halloween Cupcakes

I had to do a demo at the store this weekend, and I had a display of Cupcakes to show off, to not only get people interested in my cupcakes class that weekend, but to draw interest into the regular wilton courses.
Im not fond of demos as they never draw the attention one would hope to have in the store. I get a lot of "oh, that looks pretty" or "nice work", but  I rarely get genuine interest in the Wilton courses. Thankfully its only 2 hours out of my day, and I do get paid for it, and of course the staff loves it, because they get the leftovers:)

Anyway, I had a demo of both cupcakes and cake pops, both of which were "meh" to me, but did their job and drew a slight bit of interest:)

Ohhh very scary..

Very simple cake pops..

Thank god my demo days are over for a few months!!

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