October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Pumpkin!!!

it was my youngest daughter's First Birthday this past weekend.
I cannot believe my baby is now One. Seriously, where has the time gone? We of course had a big party for her with all of our family and friends, and I of course, made a ton of treats to share, including the birthday cake.

Since my baby was born in October, and she is in between Thanksgiving and Halloween, I naturally wanted to do a Pumpkin "theme" for her cake. I had a friend make a pumpkin cake for her son's birthday last year, and I loved the idea of it. Then I saw these cute mini Pumpkin pans at Superstore, which called my name.. honestly. I sat in the aisle with both kids in the cart, while I agonized for buying these mini pans for about 15 minutes! once I figured out what I wanted to make, then it was a matter of choosing my cakes themselves.

My same girlfriend had posted a Pumpkin Pound Cake that she used for her cake. I figured, "When in Rome".. so I used her same recipe. I'm not a huge fan of pound cakes, but I guess in the Decorating world, they are the best medium to use. Overall, my cake turned out pretty good. I used two Bundt Cakes, one flipped on top of the other to make the pumpkin shape. Then iced and decorated as usual. The smaller cakes were a bit more trying. They were definitely cute, but unfortunately all of the detail that was on the cakes themselves, got lost once the icing went on.  I think those kind of pans are better suited for plain cakes, with just a confectioners sugar sprinkled on it.
Anyways, The end results was just what I was hoping for. Of course the icing job on my small pumpkins could have been cleaner, but it was already a late night and I couldn't take anymore!!

I love making Birthday Cakes... especially my own kids' cakes:)

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