October 9, 2011

Birthday Cake Surprise

My brother asked me to make a cake for his neighbor for his birthday. Since it was a slow week for me, and I hadn't done a cake in a little while, I said sure.
He thought it would be great to make a beer shaped cake, and since I had not done any shaped cakes before, it would be good practice.

With a very short time frame for making this, I did not have enough time to play around with sizing and shaping. I only had a 9x13 pan to use, so I knew the dimensions would be off. But since this was for only 4 people and two kids, I knew it would be fine. The beer label is a Frozen Buttercream Transfer of the Wild Rose brewery's Wraspberry Ale beer, which was the birthday boy's favorite beer.

Overall I was pleased with the results. Next time I would try to make it more the right dimensions so it looked more like a beer bottle and not flattened out at the bottom.

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