August 27, 2011

Cake Pops.. Trial and Error, right?

So you will remember that my part time job is as a Wilton Method Instructor for Michaels. Being an instructor means I get to enjoy not only teaching our three main Wilton courses, but I get to offer Project classes to my student as a way to get something new out of decorating.

In July Wilton FINALLY released a project class regarding Cake Pops, called POPS! You might remember a previous post I had on cake pops, but if not here is the link:) Now these ones arent technically pops, since they aren't on a stick, but you get the idea. Anyways, since then I have been wanting to teach this class ever since I heard about them when I was on maternity leave with my second child. So I was thrilled when I could finally get some class time to offer it up.

In getting ready to teach the course, I had to play around with my new supplies I got through Wilton, (serious discount.. LOVE IT!) in order to make sure I understood how everything worked and to be comfortable working with the candy melts.

So that meant, making some pops:)

Now, don't judge me on how bad some of these turned out. I figured out on a few of them that I should have made the balls smaller to make the decor in proportion, but it didn't work out that way.

Pretty sad looking, aren't they? Don't worry. My husband and I had a really good chuckle over the state of these pathetic creatures:) But they are cute in their own sad little way, right?
My Second attempt I was playing around with ideas from the Wilton POPS! Book. They turned out not too badly considering I didn't have a lot of decorating materials on hand.

My third attempt went a bit better. This time I made some pops for a demo I was doing in our store earlier in the month. I wanted simple pops, ones that showed how easy it was to make and look pretty. These ones did turn out a bit better.
Well, except for "Carlos" and "Rico Suave"...they are pathetic in their own right!:)
See, even his poor ears aren't good. Poor bugger wouldn't be able to hear all of the people laughing at him!

I do have a final display which is currently in my fridge awaiting for my concluding class in the morning. So once the class is completed, I can share the results of the fourth round of Pops..

(On a side note, I was told by my management, that apparently there is a huge demand in our store asking for another POPS! Class. Seems too many are interested, but my late Summer slot didn't work out, so looks like I get to schedule another one:))

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