July 27, 2010

My Baby Girl is Two!

Like any parent, I was both happy and sad on my daughters birthday. Happy because it was her Birthday and it was a happy day, but sad because she is another year older, and I have no idea where the two years went!
We had her birthday party on the weekend, and of course Mommy had to go all out for her birthday cake this year!

I had come across an article on www.cakecentral.com which talked about a newer technique called a "Frozen Buttercream Transfer". I had done transfers before using piping gel to get the image on the cake, and then you "fill in" the design with icing in either a star pattern, or with piping gel itself, but I had never seen this FBCT technique before. Essentially you find your design that you want to put on the cake. Since my daughter is a Mickey Mouse fan, I had to do a Mickey and a Minnie transfer. once you have your picture, you cover it with wax paper and tape it down to something solid, like a cookie sheet, or a cake circle. Then you begin to outline the design in your desired color. I chose black.

Once the outlining is done, then you begin to add your colors to the design. Now when doing this you have to think in layers, so usually this means the "small" details are put down first. (for example: the white dots on Minnies Dress.) Then you continue to layer your colors up until the piece is all finished. Don't worry about making it look nice at this point. Esentially you are "coloring" in between the lines. 
Once all of the colors are down, the piece will look something like this:

 Once the fill in is done, then you cover the entire design in the same color icing as your cake will be iced in. This is so the whole thing will blend into the cake better. When complete, the pieces do into the freezer for a minimum 45 minutes. I left mine in for 24 hours with no issues.

When ready, it is as easy as flipping the design onto the top of your cake and peeling off the wax.

You will notice my background color on the transfers is not quite the same color as the cake is. Thats because they were two different types of icing. Not a huge deal, and really, only I noticed!

Overall, I was pleased with how the transfers worked. It is something I would definitely do again for a future cake design. Plus I found it so much easier and less time consuming to do than a normal piping gel transfer would have been.

Now the cake itself was my greatest accomplishment with these cakes. I got the idea from another blogger, and kept the link for future reference. I figured what better cake to do it on than my daughters!
Anyways, here is the link to Cheeky Kitchen

The cake was a 6 layer rainbow cake, each layer being different flavors of fruit. It actually didn't take as long to make as I thought it would be, so that was a bonus! I won't bore you with details on the actual baking, and the recipe is on the link above for your viewing. 
Once the cakes were made, I had to frost them for decorating. I decided to make the White Chocolate Buttercream recipe that was also posted on Cheeky Kitchen, and I was loving the taste of it. It is however REALLY SWEET, so use with caution!

The Vat of White Chocolate Icing.   

Starting to decorate  

While doing this, I had a little "helper" standing next to me, directing me on what I needed to do to finish off the cake. She was quite happy when it was all covered and the Mickey and Minnie came out on top!

The best part was after singing "Happy Birthday" at the party, and cutting into that first slice and hearing all of our friends and family gasp in awe at my amazing Birthday Cake. I was incredibly proud to have made this one for my daughter. Too bad she was too young to appreciate it! Guess I might have to make it again someday soon!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

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