May 24, 2010

Nothing Beats a good Cake Smash!

I named my blog "Cake Smash" because that is the term photographer's give for a photo shoot with a baby, usually celebrating their First Birthday. You give them a cake, and take pictures as the child demolishes the cake, hence the term "Cake Smash."

I have been working with a local photographer, Melinda Gombert ( making the cakes she uses for her cake smash photo shoots. Our most recent collaboration, we decided to try a different kind of cake to see what the results would yield. This type of cake had been demonstrated on an online forum we are both a part of, and we thought it would be an interesting idea to try for a photo shoot.

It starts off with a regular cake batter, but you divide it into separate bowls, and color each bowl with food coloring.

 Then you layer each color individually into your cake pan.

And bake as you normally would. The result turns out like this:

Thankfully the bottom layer of one of these kind of fell apart, otherwise I wouldn't be able to show you what it looked like!
Then you just decorate your cake as normal. If this were to be served to normal guests, once you cut into it, each piece would have a nice rainbow of colors. Below are a few images from Melinda from her photo shoot with the lucky birthday boy. His parents apparently loved the cake, and the birthday boy had a great time destroying all my hard work!

Kind of hard to believe I make cakes just for the sole purpose of destruction, but it is so much fun to see!
So Happy Birthday! And if anyone in the Calgary area would like to let their child partake in this kind of fun activity for their birthday, please visit

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