May 19, 2010

Let the new courses begin!

So, apparently after 15 years, Wilton has decided to "refresh" their course curriculum and make some changes to the classes. I must say I am looking forward to these changes as it makes the courses "flow" a lot better than before.

So because I teach these classes, I have to know what I'm teaching. And since I was not an instructor when they did their conferences, Wilton sent me all of the course packages, plus training videos to watch in order to become familiar with the courses.


You gotta love a company that sends you free stuff! Now I took all of the previous courses, and I teach them, so I have probably 80% of the products needed already. But Wilton still sent me the brand new kits with all of the new fun tips and cutters. So I got to work and had some fun with the new material!

Now I am still working my way through the new flowers and ideas, so over the course of my next few weeks, I will update with the new things I am now teaching. I'm in love with a few of these new decorations already!

Anyways, to begin we have a new "first cake" for our beginners. Previously the cake was this:

A simple rainbow cake, teaching the "star" technique. Minus the horrid Writing. I swear I do know how to write on cakes now!

Anyways, the new "first cake" is now:

Pretty cute right?
I think it's a fresh new technique and better looking cake to teach beginners. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the students like this one!

Next, Wilton has finally clued in that not everyone enjoys decorating on cakes. There are many other yummy goodies out there that can be decorated, and finally we can teach cupcake decorations. Not only decorating, but Wilton has a new tip that allows you to FILL your cupcakes with a nice tasty center!
Mmmm... I already want a cupcake!

Anyways, one of the new cupcake decorations:

These are called "Shaggy Mums". I'm still not completely sold on these, but I think I might come around. This was a first attempt at them, so I do see where I need to work on them a bit.

Anyways, these are the first attempts I have made at some of the new materials. This weekend I will be demo'ing the new Ribbon Rose which is also a part of our beginners course at my Michael's store. I will post pics of that when I have finished.

Until then, I better get back to practicing!

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