February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Brother

It is my Brother's 34th Birthday... So I made him a cake.
He just recently took up golf again, so I thought this cake would be fitting for him. I got the idea from a friend of mine who made a golf ball cake for her father's birthday last year. So I stole her pans and tried it for myself:)

The golf ball itself is a ball shaped pan. I decided to rest the sphere on top of a regular round cake to give it some support, and I thought it would make a good fairway. I recently found the "grass tip" which made the grass work super easy to do! I can see this tip coming in handy on future cakes!

The cake was very well received. Even after my Aunt almost took me out with her shoulder as I brought it to the dining table! I think she was jealous of my work (snicker)

Anyways... The cake.. that is what you came to see right?

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