January 25, 2010

Candy Hearts - Valentines Cake

Since I finished my courses at the end of last year, I have had little reason to actually make a cake. My husband moved offices, so it is harder for him to transport a cake to work, and lets be honest, I have few friends:)
So I finally got itchy enough to make a cake just for the hell of it. I realized last week that *I* now have a place of employment, and I am sure they would love a cake every now and then...

So, make a cake I did.

I saw this on the Wilton website for Valentine's Day and I thought it would be a nice one to try out. The cake itself is a lemon cake, with raspberry filling. Then a light buttercream coating on it, followed by a fondant layer. Then the next three hours of my night were consumed with cutting out hearts, and placing them on the cake like I was working with a huge jigsaw puzzle. Only these pieces I had to make fit on my own.
Overall it was an easy-ish cake to do. It was more work than I thought it would be, but I had fun doing it. The good thing was, it was only a 6 inch cake and not the 10 inch one I was going to do!

I brought the cake into work this evening, and in the two hours I was teaching my class, the cake was completely devoured. So at least I know my co workers liked it!

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