October 17, 2009

Gum Paste Drapes - Fancy Schmancy

We finally got to have our second class for this course. Thankfully the weather cooperated this time and we successfully learned how to do the draping effect for our cakes. What I didn't know what just how much fondant and gum paste you require to make these things! I think I might go broke doing these!!
Anyway, we learned how to mix fondant and gum paste together, how to make gum paste glue and how to finish off these cakes.

Exciting I know...

So of course, my cake for this week

I'm beginning to realize I need to play more with my colors and try out some new ones. I am finding I am using the same colors over and over again. Guess it doesn't help that I make way too much icing or fondant at a time and am left with the excess to use.
Oh well.. I promise, my final cake will not be blue!

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