October 4, 2009

Final Course... Finally!

This past week started my final course in the Wilton series. Course IV.. Fondant and Gum Paste. Surprisingly, our class this time around is completely full. Unheard of for a Gum Paste course! So this series is all about learning more about fondant work, and how to use gum paste for decoration. More intricate flowers, different draping ideas, etc. I'm pretty excited to be taking this one. I already have a few ideas for cakes when this is all finished.

Anyways, Class one, of course, nothing too exciting. We learned how to fondant a cake base to add a bit more "oomph" to a cake's decor. Pretty simple. This weeks class we will work on draping fondant and learning the first techniques to the gumpaste carnation. Now carnations are not my favorite flower. But these GM flowers look really cool. I can't wait to see how these work out.

I am excited for when I am done this course. I can apply to be a Wilton instructor, an thankfully my previous instructors have kinds agreed to "vouch" for me. There is no guarantee that I will have a job with Wilton at all, but it is nice to think about it. It wouldn't be anything major, a night a week or something to teach.. Nothing I can make a killing off of, but enough to keep me interested, and earning me a bit of coffee money, since it is coming into winter and well.. Starbucks is expensive! So we'll see how lucky I can be!

Now I must go back my cake for this week..

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