June 10, 2009

The toothpick Lied!!

So, like a good student, and a stay-at-home mother who has oodles of time on her hands to bake a cake, I decided to make a cake from scratch. I got everything out, and made my cake yesterday so it had plenty of time to cool and rest before I needed to torte it and ice it for class tonight.

My lovely daughter woke me up early and down we came for breakfast. I fed my kid, fed myself and then began to get my cake sliced so I could fill the center with the jam.
The center of my beautiful chocolate cake was raw....
I knew when I cooked it yesterday that it had to go in a bit longer than the recipe called for simply because I was using a 3inch deep pan instead of a 2 inch deep. The cake was in about ten minutes extra, and when I put my toothpicks in the center to check for completion, my toothpicks were clear of residue.
Yeah, well the toothpicks lied..
My beautiful chocolate cake was ruined from the inside out. I surprisingly swore very little, had myself a chuckle and thankfully remembered I had bought a boxed cake mix "just in case" something happened. Looks like I needed it.
So this time I baked the cake and kept checking it long after the time was done per the box, and eventually got a complete, edible cake done.
I guess Betty Crocker and me get along pretty good!

So once my cake cooled, it was time to do the well, and fill my jam in the center. I made up another batch of icing, colored it light blue, as per class instructions, and filled my cake center.

Looks decent, right?
Next came the top, and then icing the entire cake.

Then came the icing. I used my new icing tip, which is supposed to make icing the cake a lot easier. Having never really iced one before, I can't say if this is a time saver yet, but my instructor swears by it.

And then the final iced job, ready to take to class tonight.

So there we go. Cake is ready. Hopefully I won't butcher this so it looks like crap!!

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