June 25, 2009

Cake #3 - The Wilton Rose Finale!

Class Finale... Make the Wilton Rose.. 7 of them

I was pretty excited to be finally learning the rose. I don't know why but it seems to be it is one of those things that look so frigging hard, but really, is not.
And that is true.
It really isn't hard to do..
However I still suck at it!

The class itself was uneventful. We spent an hour on the roses, and the learned sweet peas, and leaves - all very easy to do. But the Rose was my enemy. I figured out pretty quickly that my icing was just not good enough for roses. With butter added to it, the icing gets very warm being in the bag, and therefore melts. So my roses ended up very soft, and meshed together. I couldn't spearate the three layers of petals out, so in the end my roses look more like Peonies.
Oh well...
It was my first attempt! I definitely see where practice is needed in order to perfect this. I can remember watching a Food Network Challenge in which the contestant made a few dozen roses in under 10 minutes. It looked so easy to her, like second nature.
Thank is what I hope to be one day... just second nature to do a rose.

Anyways, our finale cake was all about the Rose. So 7 roses (peonies) went on my cake and a bit of sweet peas surrounding the base, and viola! Final cake:

I was a little worried about the color combinations when I mixed the icing up, but in the end I was really pleased with the choice. The roses (peonies) were a peach color and the cake a smoky blue. Out of my three class cakes, I was very proud of this one.

So that's it for course 1. I start course two in about 10 days and I am looking forward to it. Alas, there is only one cake we make for that series, so I will probably have to make some cakes on the side to practice. I guess my husband will have more cakes to take to work. And of course, I need a ton of practice learning my nemesis, the Rose.

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  1. One thing I find to make the rose easier is put a bit of plastic wrap on the rose nail, then put the rose in the freezer for a few minutes before transferring it to the cake. It means that you can reposition it until you are happy with the cake's layout. I usually do up more roses than I require for the cake, put them all in the freezer and then pick the best ones. I find setting them on top of juice cans (or other flat surfaces) works best. You are doing really well!!