June 11, 2009

Cake #1 - Stars and Rainbows

So class #1 is complete and I brought my cake home all nice and decorated. I was quite pleased how my rainbow turned out, even though my writing sucks. Good thing they have stencils for us inept writers! So here is my finished cake.
Not bad eh? My writing is pathetic correct?

I had just enough time in class to finish the rainbow and add my star border, when I decided the vast amount of icing I had made needed to be put to good use. So I added the stars all over the sides. Overall I was pleased with my final result. It actually looked like I cake I might eat... but then I remembered the shortening in the icing and immediately lost my appetite! Needless to say my husband took it to work for all of them the eat! Boys will eat anything! I have decided on my next cake, I will make the base icing with butter. However with shortening it definitely makes it easier for me not to lick my fingers!

Our cake for next week we have homework to do. We had our choice of making a clown cake, or a cake with a bunch of flowers on it. Clowns scare me, so flowers it is!
Because we don't have a lot of time in class, we have to prepare our flowers ahead of time. So before class I have to have approximately 100 flowers made and dried, ready to go on the cake. Should be interesting since I haven't even learned how to do the flower yet!

Now to decide if I attempt another scratch cake, or take stock in Betty Crocker...

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